Japanese Garden Design

A fascinating exploration of garden design from a different cultural and philosophical perspective

Exuding peace, harmony and tranquility, and with a simple, uncluttered beauty well suited to modern aesthetics and smaller spaces, it is no surprise that Japanese garden design is becoming so popular in the Western world. This course is ideal for home gardeners (whether they wish to create an authentic Japanese garden or introduce elements into an existing Western garden), and would also be useful for garden professionals who want to tap into the growing demand for this style. You will explore the philosophical, spiritual and cultural aspects of Japanese garden design and progress through to design principles (which can differ greatly from Western concepts), the different styles of Japanese garden, plant selection, creation and maintenance. This includes considering plants and materials which work in a Japanese garden design but that can be found in and are suited to a northern European environment.

  • Learn about the history and philosophies of Japanese garden design before moving on to the practical creation of such a garden
  • Flexible home-study learning so you can fit your learning around your work and life
  • Quality course material and excellent tutor support – to help you achieve your goals
  • On successful completion you will receive an HCC Certificate
  • Suitable for both amateur and professional gardeners
  • No previous experience needed

How the course works

Your first set of course materials will be sent to you when you enrol. You can start as soon as you want and progress through the course at your own pace, studying when and where you choose.

This flexibility makes it easy to fit learning around work and family commitments.

The extensive course materials have been developed by gardening and garden design experts and are clear and straightforward, so your studying is easy and enjoyable. As you complete each lesson, your tutor will promptly return your marked assignment with constructive feedback and guidance. (You can also contact your tutor or the support team for help at any point during your studies.)

The course includes all the required study materials.

There is no formal examination. On successful completion you will be awarded an HCC Certificate. You have 2 years to complete the course.

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